Implementation details (of your own perception)

There's one really cool implementation detail that has to do with your own mind and the way we perceive the world.

When I first heard about this, it blew my mind and changed the way I think about everything.

Having watched a few ted talks and read some things on the topic, including "How emotions are made" by L.F. Barret, my conclusion is that we live in a simulation created by our own minds.

This is a really important distinction. Your brain does not react to the world. It constructs your experience of the world based on past experience and makes corrections afterwards.

It follows the sequence of:
Prediction -> Simulation -> Compare -> Resolve errors -> Repeat

This video will explain the topic so much better than I can:

This is not just a cool fact, it has practical implications.

Do you know that feeling of starting a task and suddenly feeling really exhausted all of a sudden?

Feeling tired is another guess of your mind.

It’s a result of your brain calculating the effort required to complete a task at hand.

This is the reason why breaking a task to smaller chunks really works. You probably already knew this. But now you know why this works.